“When I lay a finger on a flower, 

  my dream becomes more authentic.”

Qiaohui (Queenie), the founder of THE PARADE OF FLORAL ALCHEMY™. For a long time, her identity tag was editor/ media people. Her previous multi-faceted media experience has given her a vision of art and design, a sense of perception of beauty. 

After five years of media experience, she decided to transform from a communicator of beauty to a creator of beauty, combining what she learned in the study and training of floral arts with the insights and touches she has gained from her past experience in art and design. In 2016, he created her own floral brand, THE PARADE OF FLORAL ALCHEMY™. Floral art is like alchemy, smelting dreams to reality . 

Her floral style is based on the keywords “retro” and “nature”. And she constantly explores the retro nature and garden sense of floral art, thus forming a unique perception and understanding of floral art. 

弄花 · 造梦

蕙冶花事品牌主理人喬蕙,更長時間以來,她的身份標簽是編輯,媒體人,先後在《Design 360°觀念與設計雜誌》、設計廣州、生活美學文化傳播中的編輯經歷,給予了她多方位的媒體經驗,以及對藝術與設計的視界、對美的觸覺與感知力。 

五年的媒體經歷後,她決定從美的傳播者轉型成為美的創造者,將花藝專業學習與訓練中所習得的,結合過往藝術與設計自己生活美學媒體經歷中練就的眼光與觸覺,曾經作為禾田書房花房姑娘的她,為了能達成心目中的的花藝風格,於2016年開創了自主花藝品牌——蕙冶花事 The Parade of Floral Alchemy,花藝就像煉金術,冶煉出夢境般的美妙無比。 

她的花藝風格以復古自然為基調,  對復古自然感、花園感花藝不斷理解探索, 從而形成對花藝獨有的感知和理解。

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